Accelerate Your Content Creation

Long-Form Content at 90% off Professional Rates

Leverage AI alone or pair it with our Professional Copywriter


Accelerate Your Content Creation

Long-Form Content at 90% off Professional Rates

Leverage AI alone or pair it with our Professional Copywriter


Need your content to rank?

Can't write it yourself & don't have a copywriter?

  • Leverage our humanlike, SEO optimised AI-powered content designed to rank in Google
  • Add even more human touch with award-winning copywriter editing at a fraction of the price and time
  • Get professional, long-form SEO content 90% cheaper than professional rates

Scale up your long-form content fast

Why long-form content?

If you want to rank on page one, Google favours long form content. Most 1st page results have on average 1,447 words.

What about ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is great for chat, but it's a laborious task, requiring skill and repetition to create long-form content - with mixed results.

Will Quick Fox content pass the human test?

Yes. The content produced by our specialist AI is so humanlike it passes AI detection. It's only a matter of time before Google cracks down on subpar content that's obviously written by an AI. With Quick Fox we'll have you covered.

See for yourself - read our sample AI generated article

What about copyright?

The AI we use passes full copyright ownership to you, unlike ChatGPT where the situation is far less clear.

Supercharge your content strategy

When it comes to your website ranking, you need quality content and plenty of it.

Take advantage of our humanlike, search optimised, AI generated content to quickly scale 10x faster and for a fraction of the cost and hassle of hiring a professional copywriter.

10 x Your Content at 10% of the Cost

  • Exceptional value vs a human writer - from only $90 per post (vs $1,700)
  • Quick - 24h turnaround once a post enters our queue
  • Guaranteed to pass Copyscape Plagiarism Test
  • Guaranteed to pass AI-detection tests on creation
  • Copyright ownership is passed to you, unlike maybe ChatGPT
  • Scale your content with 5 x 2,000w+ pieces at once
  • ADD-ON: Keyword Research to effectively target your content
  • ADD-ON: Professional Editing to polish, or add an undeniably human edge

Unlock Long-Form Content with AI Power

The average rate for a single 2,000-word post by a mid-level copywriter is $1,700, based on the Recommended Rates for Australian Copywriters.

Get Superior SEO Optimised, Humanlike Articles for a fraction of the cost of a professional copywriter.

AI-Powered 5-Pack

  • Take advantage of our Launch Special valued over $8K if the same work was done by a copywriter.
  • 5 x long form, humanlike articles 2000+ words each, delivered unedited
  • Includes 1 x round of AI-only content rewrite for the batch of posts
  • Speedy turnaround - 24 hrs once in our queue
  • Bonus: 60 min of Keyword Research worth $129
  • Only $90 per post! (vs $1,700 by a copywriter)

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Exceptional $449 Launch Special

Add Polish: Pair it with a Pro Copywriter

Quickly and inexpensively.

Depend on our award-winning Australian copywriter to trim fluff, review, edit and improve the raw copy, and rewrite sections to lift the post from only $125/hr.

Compare AI and AI+Pro Copywriter to see the difference a little polish can make.

Speedy turnaround

Get your unedited AI content in 24 hrs, once in our queue.

Key Word Research

Make your posts count. Our friendly SEO services can help you with keyword research.

Pro Copywriter Available

Give your copy an undeniable human edge. Enhanced output minus the painful price tag.

Need help deciding?

Get in touch and let's talk about which content option fits your business best!